Sunday, August 31, 2008

Funny things Kaleb did to me this summer

Kaleb or Tibby as I call him is a very interesting kid. When we moved into our new house and he got his new room he said to me "Mom, now that I got my new room can I hang up pictures of fast cars and hot girls in bikini's?" He was 5 at this time.

This is basically how Kaleb has been his whole life, he is a TOTAL LADIES MAN. When he recorded his song on my ipod and he thought he had done such a good job, he asked me if he could get some hot girls and do a music video now.

But one funny thing he did this summer was he rode his new bike down to the pool the first day that it opened, I don't know why I thought he would be responsible and lock it up on the bike rack, but 4 hours later when he got done swimming he went out and his bike had been stolen. So he borrowed someone's blackberry and called me and this is how the conversation went. "UMMM Mom, someone stoled my bike" And I without even thinking said "Kaleb, I am gonna kick your A_ _" and then he says, "UMMM Mom, your on speaker phone." Who calls their mom with bad news and puts them on speaker phone for the whole town of Payson to hear? Kaleb that's who.

The last thing I thought was so funny was the first week of school I went to pick him up and he had his new LOOOONG BOARD (that he suckered his grandma into buying him as an "Early Christmas Present, WHATEVER!) and his hands were full, so he asked me to open the door for him, and I in turn told him that I couldn't because I couldn't reach it, the next thing I knew he had somehow fell, keep in mind all the kids and teachers were out and saw him. So he stands up and begins to take his anger out on my BUG door, hitting, kicking and cursing at it. I started to laugh so hard that I couldn't even talk to tell him to settle down. I looked out the window and some other mom was watching the whole thing and she tooo found it humorous.

Kaleb is a fighter but he is also a lover. When ever he gets in trouble he says, "It's OK Mom, I still love you!" Life will forever be interesting with him in our house!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

WellnessComplete UNSTOPPABLE (almost)

WellnessComplete played 2 more games yesterday and they were virtually unstoppable. The first game we played we actually 10 run ruled the team!! And they were a pretty good team but they just couldn't conquer us. The Stoppability started in the first game when we were up to bat for about 10 minutes and it seemed like the other team was never going to get 3 outs on us, when it was time for ELTON to bat he was nowhere to be found. It seems as though Vivi had a diaper that was LONG overdue to be changed. Therefore we had to take an automatic out. Then there was a conspiracy planted in the schedule that gave us an hour to sit around and relax before our second game, normally we play back to back which would have kept our heads in the game. In that hour one of our teammates who I will not name (KEELY) left us high and dry which left us with only 4 girls. So I called in the BIG DOG (AMANDA GOODSELL) and we were back in business. Just as the game was getting ready to start, SAMANTHA needed to visit the Ladies Room, and as she finished up she realizes she had sat down in an ocean of PEE!! (Hint: I never sit down in Public Restrooms unless there is one of those Paper thingys, and I make sure that it doesn't soak into the seat before I sit). When it came to the coin toss we sent TYSON who has hardly showed up to any games, and that was another mishap, VISITOR!! So the second game got under way and it was against a team that had already beat us earlier in the season. It was neck and neck the whole way through, except when the Scorekeeper kept giving our points to the other team. The game ended as they scored 1 more run than us and the time ran out on us with 2 outs. DANG, oh well there is always next year but we were really a force to be reckoned with!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WTC 1987, I am sooo Younger than that

You Belong in 1987

Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

This is Jason and I's Engagement Picture 14 Years ago (nice hair on me HUH?)

OK so Today is my Husband and I's 14th wedding anniversary, I have to say it I never thought we would make it this far! But we have and this anniversary was especially interesting, you know your getting old when your husband is falling asleep because he is so tired or maybe it was because I was tooo boring. But at least we remembered last week at the Demolition Derby I heard my Mom say to my Dad, "Did we miss our Anniversary again?" They did and they do that every year. But to top off our evening, we ended up taking Rian with us out to Dinner and we got to Orem and she was making this weird noise, I had never heard before, about 5 minutes later she started THROWING UP! GROSS!!! Nonetheless I Love Ya Jason and I wouldn't change anything we've been through in the World!! Happy 14th!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Makeover Girls Camp Edition

So Har Bar was at girls camp this last week for her first time. So being the COOL MOM I am I decided to surprise her with an early birthday present and makeover her room. I knew this was going to call for drastic measures so I called in an expert my Sis in Law Mackenzie and we went to work, 3 days and an undisclosed amount of $$$$ we were done just in time. I set up a video camera and put it on record so I could see her reaction, and she was pretty much SPEECHLESS. So I considered it a complete success. We had tons of fun and she is actually keeping it CLEAN for ONCE!!!!

Us -White Trash??

Here we are with all our fellow White Trash Friends, thanks for coming and supporting Jasons WT Hobby, he never wins but he has lots of fun Running in the Derbys!!!

This is Jason's car, before the race, yes even though it looks like the end of the race this was before. This car has been used in 2 previous races!

Here it is after, it had to be towed out of the arena, needless to say he will be buying a new car for next years race

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Yes you heard right the Wraths have arrived, now to many of you this might not seem to be a big deal, but if you haven't heard we won last week and I am attributing it to my CRUSH! So I don't know if any of you heard but I injured my elbow and shoulder in my family game on Thursday, so if there are any volunteers to break in these bats on Monday or Tuesday then they will be more ready for the games on Wednesday and Thursday! Get in touch with me you all know my digits!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Now for all of you bloggers on the WellnessComplete team I want you to know how proud I am that we finally got a win under our BELTS! Elton did a fantastic job taking line drives for us, and catching them, he also got some good hits with my new ORANGE CRUSH, your welcome Elton for buying that. And we missed you this week Vanessa, hope you can make it next week even though you are excited that co-ed is almost over! Casey did a decent job in Left Field he wasn't as big of a ballhog this time. Teresa, Joann, Amanda and Sam all hit great (also with my new orange crush, you guys are also welcome) all around we did great, I don't want to toot my own horn so I won't tell you about my amazing catch in left center and then the throw to home plate which ended the inning, yes 2 out of 3 outs were made by me, but I will leave that up to someone else tell about that!! Anyways the Wraths have arrived in THE LAKE (Salt Lake that is) and they should be here by friday, so I will be breaking one of them in this weekend. So that is the weekly update I will be taking my Crush to the Family game tomorrow for further breaking in and I will report on it's progress next week!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Did you know Harley is fluent in German?

I am beginning to think I MAY have a problem

Take a look at these two Awesome bats, and while you are drooling, know that they are MINE!!!It all started about 4 weeks ago when my friend Mckell brought a brand new bat to our womens softball game and asked us to break it in. It was an awesome bat it was the Worth Mutant. And at the end of the game I knew that I too would need to own this bat. So I get home and order one and it comes and is not the exact same bat as hers. I thought no big deal and we went to break it in, and I have never felt like I was ONE with the bat. So I started to panic last Tuesday because it was the night before WellnessComplete's first ball game. And as I asked around if anyone had a bat and they all said No it was apparent that everyone was depending on me to supply a good bat. So I went back to my roots with the first two bats I have ever bought. THE CRUSH AND THE WRATH. These are awesome bats. Wednesday before the game I ordered the Crush and I got a steal on it. But after the first night when our team went 0 for 2, that's right 0 for 2 I knew this called for drastic measures. I needed a Wrath also. So I went home and started to look for a good deal, and came upon another steal of a deal, so of course without even thinking I purchased it, when the browser went down I started to panic worrying that I might not get it, I uploaded the page again and checked out a second time. When the company called me the next morning I knew they were going to tell me they were all out of stock. To my surprise she said they had one and she wanted to know if it was a mistake that I bought two. I said yes but did they have both in stock. She said yes they only had 2 left and did I want both. Without even batting an eye I said "OF COURSE!" So yes they are on their way and needless to say we are going to be a force to be reckoned with this week and for years to come!!! Anyways, back to my realizing I may have a problem, 4 bats in one month I realize is a little excessive, but hey I don't ever buy myself anything so I justify it that way!! Anyways maybe I will do some video and post it when we get some awesome bats going!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our Beach Front Property

Just like alot of California residents, Jason and I live in a wonderful little house on Beach Front Property. Your probably thinking to yourself I didn't know that there was a beach in Payson. And there actually isn't, however, we do live with our backyard to the Payson City Pressurized Irrigation Pond which supplies all of our friends, families, and neighbors with water to water their lawns and in some cases their kids with drinking water. Anyhow I thought you might find this video interesting, if you haven't heard yet there was a small fire in Payson Friday night and it happened to unfold right in our backyard. I didn't do a blog post about it because so many of you did and you covered it so well. But Saturday at about 6 pm I was in my living room watching Hairspray with Cheylula when I heard this extremely loud engine noise outside my house so after about the 2nd time I decided to go outside to see what it was, and thats when I saw this Gi-normous Helicopter sucking water out of the pond and then it would fly up to the fire and dump the water on the fire, or what could be now just Hot Spots. (Yes I am trying to sound educated in the Fire Lingo, I do have a nail client whose husband is on the Payson City Fire Department. So I might know a little more than the average person. But anyhow check out the video and if you haven't heard Joann Kunzler is a local Celebrity, she was on Channel 5 news you might want to check her out at she tooo is a Fire Expert!!! Or I guess you can call her an expert on Evacutations!! I love how the end of the video has an extremely flattering view of me!