Wednesday, August 26, 2009

15 years ago today, Jason and I took the plunge and this is where we ended up!!!
Happy Anniversary I Love You!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

You know your getting old.....

When your first born is 14!! How did this happen so fast?? Harbar, aka Harlos and Harley is 14 today. I am so sad, I told Jason, she is 3/4 of the way out of our house. She could be gone in 4 years!!

I hijacked these pictures from her facebook account. Things that interst Harlos right now, is boys, dying her hair every other week, Shopping... mainly at Papaya, and cute shoes. She loves to read, sometimes I have to ground her from her books!!

Harley has been so much fun, she uses me alot for MiRancherito and Dr. Pepper. But I will let her use me anyday if it means I can spend time with her!!

Happy Birthday Harley, We Love you!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


There has been a MILLION things for me to blog about this past 2 weeks, but I haven't had a camera. I was one of those nerdy people that was not going to switch from 35 MM cameras to digital. I never saw the point in Digital because you never develop any of the digital pictures. BUT.... I have to say I am addicted. I can't live with out my camera. So I will be going later on today to purchase a new one. And hopefully the blog worthy events will keep coming!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yes it is that time of year again, where the White Trash comes out in us! Jason had a new car this year, he spent all month getting ready for the BIG race in the Juab County Fair. His car was new and the paint job left a little to be desired.... He let the kids paint the car this year and I had NO problems with what they painted on it.... it was what he put on it. Sayings like "BITE ME" and the number 666 which is his lucky number and it doesn't bother us, but some people have a problem with it. My camera was indisposed for the race so I had to get some pictures from Vanessa, and I didn't get any pictures this year of our WHITE TRASH FRIENDS.

The car didn't fair very well. Jason left some fan on to cool the transmission and it punctured the line for the fluid early on. He said this was his best race, but if you ask Kaleb, his dad never wins!! Oh well he is prepping the car for another big race in Spanish Fork this weekend, hopefully he can make his son proud this time!!