Thursday, February 21, 2008

Are you Stinkin kidding me????

This blog post is dedicated to Harley and PJHS. (note the color, GRIZZLY PRIDE)

So, it's Wednesday and I am waiting to pick up my oldest and sweetest daughter Harley from Junior High School and I look up on the Marquee sign and see that tomorrow is Parent Teacher Conference. And if this time is anything like last time, IT AINT GONNA BE PRETTY. So to prepare myself I decide to give Harley an opportunity to make me aware of anything I might need to know. I ask her if she has any progress reports and she replies No my teachers don't give them out. So I ask my neice Mckell, who by the way has 4 of the 6 classes with Harley if her teachers gave them out and she says yes. So I press on and she admits she has one for Math. I ask what her grade is and she replies with a UUGGHH. Which is always her reply when she knows she is gonna be in trouble. With a little more coaxing and a whole lot of THREATENING she admits that she has a "D". So I ask to see her progress report and she hands it to me and not only was it not a D, it was a big fat "F"!!!! And with my investigating skills that I inherited from my mother I question why she lied and find out that she didn't lie she had it mixed up with her English grade. Oh what a relief!! She not only has an F but a D also. Isn't parenthood wonderful? Harley is so misunderstood, and I am sure that there is a perfectly good explanation that she will share with us one day. LOVE YA HAR-BAR!!! Oh by the way Harley is now accepting applications for TUTORING, you can reach her on her cell phone. Oh yeah she doesn't get a cell phone until she goes a whole year with straight A'S. So it's going to be a while.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Kids are KILLING ME!!!

So everyone knows how stinkin sweet my kids are right. NOT. I love them but there are days when I don't know if were all gonna make it. And by make it I mean until they move out!!!! No seriously. Kaleb dropped a pop can on his big toe last night and he hopped around all night from room to room bawling. He was sure that it was broken. And as I sent him to bed he said that my bed was the only bed he could sleep in that his toe wouldn't hurt. Yeah Right. Harley is 12 going on 17. And I only said 17 because she is like a teenage gossip magnet. Hour after hour. What does a 12 year old girl have to talk about for 5 hours a night??? We have had to limit the talking to 9:30 at night or she would talk til midnight. Cheyenne is into everything girly. Especially the girly handshakes that we all did in Elementary school. She has this one that she says at the end Boy you just got DISSED. Does she even know what dissed is???? Oh well none the less I love them and enjoy almost every minute of it.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Yeah, believe it, I'm bloggin!!!

So everyone says that this is the way to do it, it being......I don't know but I thought I would try it. I am not so sure that this will be a long time thing but I will give it a go. So I tried to think of things to blog on my first time I wanted this to be BIG, so I looked at other peoples blogs and I thought to myself do I ramble on aimlessly like Ri-Bone, also I would have to learn how to misspell about every other word. Or do I put boring things on about my kids, or do I tell lots of embarrasing things about my family. So I decided to start with the basics about my Family.

Jason and I met 14 years ago in an unspecified place that I may disclose at a later date.
We got engaged after 2 weeks and married 6 months later in the Salt Lake Temple.

2 days short of our 1 year anniversary we had our first child Harley Davis. At times she is my mortal enemy
I am definately an old fogey to her and I know nothing. She, I am sure will be many subjects on my blog.

1 1/2 years later we had first son Kaleb. He is sweet and naughty at the same time. He thinks that he can choose between 1 of 3 sports to play professionally. He thinks he is that good.

Then there is Cheyenne who was born 2 1/2 years after Kaleb, that is right 3 kids in 4 years. Cheyenne is definately a free spirit and she does what she wants. She too will be many subjects on my blog.

Last but not least our precious baby Rian. Rian is 1 year old, she weighed in at 3lbs 5 oz when she was born, you would never know it looking at her now. Rian was a twin and her brother Zeke died 4 weeks before she was born.

So there is a little glimpse into our Family, I don't know how to post pictures yet I need a class on blogging any volunteers, I am a little computer illiterate, just to warn you so you know what you are getting into.