Thursday, May 20, 2010

Davis Pictures 2010 by Jami (Imaj Photos)

Sometimes, mainly when I look at STILL pictures of my kids, I think I have the SWEETEST kids in the whole world!!!

Thank goodness looks can be deceiving!!!
Thanks Jami, for taking our pictures you did a great job!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Harley made the drill team!!!

Well she made it, we are kinda out of our element here because I am sooooo not a dancer, I am still in shock that a child that came out of me can dance!!! But I just wanted to congratulate Harlos!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Clarita is 13..... SO SAD!!!

So Kaleb, aka Clarita, Tibby, squishy and other names we won't mention to spare him the embarassment........ is going to be 13....A TEENAGER. AAAGGGHHH!!

Makes me wanna cry, Kaleb is the sweetest most tenderhearted kid I know. Aside from the constant kissing that he does to me, I couldn't ask for a cooler son. I am so proud of him, he is my SQUISHY as we put it in our house!!!

Happy Birthday Kaleb!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where does the time go???

Rian turned 3 last week......sniff sniff!! I can' t believe she is getting so old!!

Funny things Rian does and says right now...
"Mom, I gonna be three" I always say to her, "I can't believe your gonna be three!" so she always has to remind me because she knows it makes me sad!

"Don't wipe my underwear in my face, my face will be sad!" She said this because Jason wiped her nose in her Undies after she had a couple of "accidents"

One time she had an accident before we went to build a bear so I scolded her and told her we were going to the mall so she couldn't pee in her panties, and she in turn said to me, "And you don' t pee in your panties either mom!"

Anytime she is in trouble she tells on the person that is scolding her, and she says "Mom, dad is being so mean to me"

This last year she cut her hair 3 times all on her own, her dad about killed her!

Rian is such a joy and I am so sad she is growing up so quickly!! Can't wait to see what interesting things she says this year!!!

Most of all she is a total daddy's girl!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So I finally have something that I felt was worth blogging about.... Rian is Potty Trained!!! I never thought this was going to happen, but it did and even before her 3rd birthday, which was when I decided that I would start. Mainly because it would be embarrassing if she wasn't!!!

I know I have totally fallen off the bandwagon of blogging, not a whole lot of excitement happening for us.

But we are way excited to not have to buy diapers anymore!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Reality check...

So the other day I was driving home and as I turned the corner 2 dirty old men were waving at me, and I just ignored them. Harley says to me, "Mom, those 2 guys are waving at you..." And I was thinking, yeah they are two dirty old perverted men, so I just ignored them. I didn't say that, what I did say was, "Yeah, they probably think I am some 17 year old girl, because of the car I drive." I said that because most ppl driving beetles are "younger" than me. And she in turn says, "Mom, you don't look 17, maybe 30!"

Thanks Harley for once again keeping it real with me!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Work Halloween Contest

So I never dress up for Halloween.... But the stakes were high for the work Halloween contest. $50.00 big ones. So I got up early and I somehow managed to squeeze into Harley's Halloween costume I bought her. I seriously thought there was NO WAY I couldn't win....

So here is my costume, I was a hippy with a Billy Ray Cyrus mullet wig!

And here I am with a pumpkin that I tried to pass off as mine, and thanks to Samantha for telling everyone that it was a pumpkin that Harley carved at young womens... I lost that contest too!
2 coworkers, who will remain anonymous, decided to take after Shawn and wear the most horrendous outfits they could find... One tried on her 4 year olds Spider Man costume and after ripping it decided she might want to go for a bigger size... YA THINK???
So she ran to Walmart and bought a size 10 SpiderMan costume, yes 10 in little boys and took it home. And it also started to rip, so she just got..... the BatMan costume and told

the other one she could wear the SpiderMan one... It was HILARIOUS!!
And of course here is the big winner... I think it is kinda suspicious that she organized it and won both the costume and pumpkin carving contest.
MAYBE.........It was because she was showing off so much SKIN.....!!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bunco time again!!

Our annual Bunco was this last Friday night, and we had so much fun. Once again I didn't legitimately win anything but JoAnn and I eachmade out with a great prize!! The costumes are always the biggest treat of the night, some tend to be kind of offensive, but most are just really funny....My mom goes through so much hard work to make Bunco so fun. She is such a wonderful person. And her outfit although it was a LITTLE short was voted best costume. But she didn't take the prize, she gave it away to the 2nd place winner!! SO SELFLESS!!!My Dad the Mobster... And the NEW BIGGEST CHEATER!!! He learned from the best, his sons!!!!
Jason was a cowboy, notice Kalebs boy scout hankerchief..... He is soooo resourceful!!!

JoAnn and I chillin before the party got started!!
Notice Samanth's Nike Shorts apparently the costume was a little too sexy and short. Riley's shirt was almost a belly shirt!!!

JoAnn came as a very sexy Daisy Duck!!

Peter Pan (Josh)

Jane Fonda (Mckenzie) She is the only sister that could get away with this one!!!

The Grinch (Aaron) and Betsy Lou Who. (Elizabeth)

You never know who is going to show up, this year we had a great treat, none other than the President of the US.... Barrack and Michelle Obama made a quick stop!!

TONS of cheating and alot of Laughing... I am counting down until next year already!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jumping the gun...JUST A LITTLE!

This is a picture of Harley aka Har Bar, Harlos, Luna or as I call her Harbo, because she is obsessed with HOBO's! Sweet Little Harbo did something not so funny yesterday...
I was emailing a friend that is also a realtor yesterday. About 3 months ago I asked her to find out what she thought our house would sell for, I then changed my cell phone number and forgot to give it to her. I remembered that and thought I would email her and see what she had found out. Harley oversaw my email and jumped to the conclusion that we were listing our house TODAY! So she got on Facebook and announced to the whole world (ok so not the whole world but might has well have been) that we wanted to get out of the neighborhood.

It wasn't until my sister Samantha saw it that we found out, and by that time one of the neighbors had already commented. Thanks Harley for letting everyone know how we feel!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Again.... WHO IS MY KID?

Ok so here is a picture of my two oldest that I hi-jacked from Harleys Facebook... What is my point??? LOOK AT THE HAIR.... on Kaleb......
This hair is a source of a lot of things in our family...Contention being the biggest.
Jason doesn't think he should be able to choose his hair style. And I think he should be able to, my mom didn't control my hair and it's not like he has a braided tail or a mullet or anything.
Every Sunday there is a fight over passing the sacrament with his hairdo. Jason wants it parted to the side and tucked behind his ears. I think he looks fine, I have seen worse believe you me.But the biggest problem we have right now is that there is quite a few girls that have been calling him, and some are older than him. They are wanting to know if he wants to go out with them, or who he wants his first make out to be with..... YES YOU HEARD RIGHT... make out. I intercepted that text message!!! So Jason's solution is to cut his hair. You see Kaleb believes that just like SAMPSON his strength with the girls lies solely in his long flowing blonde locks! He won't even let me put any old family pictures on my new facebook because he is telling all of his friends to ask me to add them as a friend so he can chat with them and he doesn't want them to see him with old short hair!!!

And these are the days of Kalebs hairs lives.......Stay tuned the hair saga continues

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tribute to Jake

So my younger brother Josh is amazing. He does the coolest things and he surprised our Family with a video he made of Jake. When you have a loved one that has passed every photo, video clip etc is priceless. And even though it feels like your being kicked in the gut and you cry uncontrollably when you see them you still can find a way laugh while you look at them.

Here is the video he created for us of Jake. And the song is Written for Jake by Josh and sung by him also. Click HERE to watch it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

15 years ago today, Jason and I took the plunge and this is where we ended up!!!
Happy Anniversary I Love You!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

You know your getting old.....

When your first born is 14!! How did this happen so fast?? Harbar, aka Harlos and Harley is 14 today. I am so sad, I told Jason, she is 3/4 of the way out of our house. She could be gone in 4 years!!

I hijacked these pictures from her facebook account. Things that interst Harlos right now, is boys, dying her hair every other week, Shopping... mainly at Papaya, and cute shoes. She loves to read, sometimes I have to ground her from her books!!

Harley has been so much fun, she uses me alot for MiRancherito and Dr. Pepper. But I will let her use me anyday if it means I can spend time with her!!

Happy Birthday Harley, We Love you!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


There has been a MILLION things for me to blog about this past 2 weeks, but I haven't had a camera. I was one of those nerdy people that was not going to switch from 35 MM cameras to digital. I never saw the point in Digital because you never develop any of the digital pictures. BUT.... I have to say I am addicted. I can't live with out my camera. So I will be going later on today to purchase a new one. And hopefully the blog worthy events will keep coming!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yes it is that time of year again, where the White Trash comes out in us! Jason had a new car this year, he spent all month getting ready for the BIG race in the Juab County Fair. His car was new and the paint job left a little to be desired.... He let the kids paint the car this year and I had NO problems with what they painted on it.... it was what he put on it. Sayings like "BITE ME" and the number 666 which is his lucky number and it doesn't bother us, but some people have a problem with it. My camera was indisposed for the race so I had to get some pictures from Vanessa, and I didn't get any pictures this year of our WHITE TRASH FRIENDS.

The car didn't fair very well. Jason left some fan on to cool the transmission and it punctured the line for the fluid early on. He said this was his best race, but if you ask Kaleb, his dad never wins!! Oh well he is prepping the car for another big race in Spanish Fork this weekend, hopefully he can make his son proud this time!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who is my KID??

I have been trying to teach Kaleb about responsibility and that Money doesn't grow on trees. So he has got a summer job mowing the lawn at my Dad's office. I drive him over at 6:30 in the morning every Monday so that he can mow before all the workers get there. He started spending his money as fast as he was getting it. So for the last 3 weeks I haven't let him spend any of it. He pays his tithing and then he saves the rest of it. Then his cousins called and asked if he could go to the mall, and I said yes but you aren't taking all of your money. So I give him $40.00 of his money and I say,"Kaleb, don't buy any shirts, just buy some jeans or shoes I will buy your shirts." And he in turn says, "Ok Mom I won't"...............So later in the day I get a phone call, "Mom I found this shirt at Rue 21 that I really want." So I said OK, after all this is his money.

About 4:00 I get this picture text from his cousin....... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Does that shirt really say what I think it says???? So I call him and of course Dawson is laughing his head off at this point. I demanded that he take it off and return it immediately. He did and when he got home, I lectured him for about 10 minutes and then I said "How much money do you have left?" And he says 10 bucks. So I said go get what you bought so I can see, and he says "All I bought was some sunglasses for $7.00." Does that add up to you??? 40 minus 7= 32, he should have at least $25.00 after lunch. WHATEVER..... he won't be going to the mall with money without me ever again, next time he can window shop and then I will go back with him!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Double Digits for Chey!!

Cheyenne is 10 today!!!
Here she is "ACTING" Innocent...... we all know she's not!!!No matter where or when she will make you laugh!

This is her signature pose, we love it.....NOT! When we were taking pictures she kept trying to do this pose, and I was freaking out!!!


Monday, July 13, 2009


Rian and her cousin Addi are Best Friends! This is a cute video that we shot on the 4th of July at a park and YES Rian is Nakey!! She is ALLERGIC to clothes. It doesn't matter where we are, she starts stripping down to the diaper if we aren't looking!!!

We are so lucky to have her cousin live so close to us, we just call Sam and she runs her over, and it is WONDERFUL!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PDA at 13!?!?!?

Ok so I know I have totally sucked at updating my blog, I am still BOOB!! (Burned Out On Blogging) But this week has totally been blog worthy. I don't know if you guys remember my DEAR SWEET TEEN HARLEY, but she is a gem! And this post is dedicated to her.

Har bar has decided that she is hot and needs to have man affection in her life. And not just any man, but our NEIGHBOR!!! One thing that she might have wanted to think about was that everytime she breaks his heart, she has to see him at church, passing the sacrament to her.

But now with her pink hair that so wasn't cool last year but is totally SICK this year she is ALL GROWN UP! And she thinks that she is old enough to date. So yesterday her BF called and wanted to hang out. So she asked me and I am thinking to myself, if I don't let her she will sneak around. So I like her "Friend" (that's what I will call him) so I said sure he can come over. So they put on a

ROMANTIC COMEDY called 50 first dates and sit down on the couch. RIGHT NEXT TO EACHOTHER. So I am thinking to myself, they are sitting awfully close to eachother. And as I slave away at another load of Laundry, I walk by and notice that they are doing this.....


Where have I gone wrong, that my 13, yes 13 year old, thinks that I am HIP enough to see her and her BF displaying large amounts of PDA right in front of me? OH it gets worse....... then Chey and Rian wanted a snowy so I am contemplating on how I am going to pull this off with out leaving them alone. So I load all of them up, even the 2 love birds and we head down to the snow shack. And I sit in the car with Rian as she has fallen asleep. I look over at Harley and her BF and he has his STINKIN arm around her WAIST!!!
This is what I think of them as..... LITTLE KIDS... doing big people stuff!!!

Needless to say I need some advice on how NOT TO KILL HER! The best part of the whole situation is that KALEB is totally into girls and has them calling him everyday, one even brought him cookies when he broke his toe. But he watches his big sis, and repeatedly tells me "Whatever Harley does I am so gonna do when I am her age." So I woke her up this morning and told her that I am not OK with their PDA, Heaven only knows what I am in for when she is 16, and actually old enough to date.

Jason has the best outlook on the whole situation, I told him what I saw and that I was freaking out, and this was his response....." when she gets pregnant they aren't living with us!!!" NICE!!!!