Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bunco time again!!

Our annual Bunco was this last Friday night, and we had so much fun. Once again I didn't legitimately win anything but JoAnn and I eachmade out with a great prize!! The costumes are always the biggest treat of the night, some tend to be kind of offensive, but most are just really funny....My mom goes through so much hard work to make Bunco so fun. She is such a wonderful person. And her outfit although it was a LITTLE short was voted best costume. But she didn't take the prize, she gave it away to the 2nd place winner!! SO SELFLESS!!!My Dad the Mobster... And the NEW BIGGEST CHEATER!!! He learned from the best, his sons!!!!
Jason was a cowboy, notice Kalebs boy scout hankerchief..... He is soooo resourceful!!!

JoAnn and I chillin before the party got started!!
Notice Samanth's Nike Shorts apparently the costume was a little too sexy and short. Riley's shirt was almost a belly shirt!!!

JoAnn came as a very sexy Daisy Duck!!

Peter Pan (Josh)

Jane Fonda (Mckenzie) She is the only sister that could get away with this one!!!

The Grinch (Aaron) and Betsy Lou Who. (Elizabeth)

You never know who is going to show up, this year we had a great treat, none other than the President of the US.... Barrack and Michelle Obama made a quick stop!!

TONS of cheating and alot of Laughing... I am counting down until next year already!!


Vanessa said...

UMMMMMMMMM, why no pic of your costume???

Candi and kids said...

Because I was the one taking all of the pictures.... And I was a hippy can't you see that in the picture of me and Jo??

Adrie and Fam said...

You seriously have the funnest family. I love all of your cosutmes. I look forward to this post every year, it cracks me up! FYI Vanessa there is one of Candi on Sam's blog!

The~Shoemakers said...

So sad we missed such a fun night. :[ Thanks for all the fun pics, I can almost imagine being there.

Anonymous said...

So fun. Thanks for letting me be part of your family. They are all awesome!

Anonymous said...