Thursday, September 25, 2008

Was there ever any doubt??

If you haven't heard yet we WON!!! Ok so we didn't win it ALL but we took 2nd place. One of my biggest pet peeves in Sports is when a team plays a whole season with one team and miraculously recruits an entire new team for the Tournament. Are the HOODIES worth their salvation??? I HATE CHEATERS!!! There is a big difference between having someone on your team that is not on the roster so you are not short players, and having 3 men that crank the ball over the fence everytime they get up that have never played during the regular season, and all for a HOODY!!! I basically put the blame of our not taking first place in 2 peoples laps, Tyson and Casey, they have shown their level of commitment to WellnessComplete over the last 4 weeks and it is not very committed. Next year I think we will have tryouts for the team I have people BEGGING to be on our team and we will have to find more committed players!! Thanks to everyone who played with us I had a ton of fun and I think next year I will try to keep it to buying only one bat a year, although there were 4 times that our men Cranked it over last night with my bats so I will have to see if they have enough of a sweet spot next year to last!! Peace Out!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Ok so I have been really bugged by all the wrinkles I am getting. What can I say my kids are making me old! The older I get the worse it is. So I decided to take action, I was going to get rid of them at any cost. So I make an appointment to see a dermatologist and see what he thinks. So I am in the room and the Doctor comes in and asks me what he can do for me, and I tell him how unhappy I am about my wrinkles under my eyes. And that I want him to laser them or something, basically whatever it takes.

He answers me by telling me to go to Walmart and get the Oil of Olay Regenerist line. Are you kidding me I am here asking him to name his price, I am willing to pay whatever and do whatever, and he tells me to go to Walley World??? I think I am going to get a second opinion!!!

I heard this might work, I think I will order it!


Jodi Tagged me I had a hard time thinking of unspectacular things about me because I think I am pretty normal but here is the ones I came up with:
1.I can’t drink out of a cup if it has set on the counter unattended, for fear that a fly has landed on it. (did you listen in Science when they talked about what flies do when they land?)
2.I start shopping for Christmas in July every year, I tell myself I will not be so stressed if I start early.
3.I suck at shopping, (until lately) I am not a women that likes to shop. My Husband should be greatful! He is a lucky Man!!
4.I am obsessed with Cars. If only I could I would have one of every kind, like Jay Leno.
5.I hate to go to the movies, I don’t know if it’s cause I am old or because they are all dumb and unrealistic.
6.I am a huge HAS BEEN when it comes to sports, and I know that this one comes as a big surprise to all of you who play with me now because I still seem good!! HE-HE.
I tag Amanda E, Teresa, C-hub, and Tikes Bikes

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tagged again because I am Popular

A- Attached or Single? Attached
B- Best friend? Way too many to list, I am so POPULAR
C-Cake or Pie? Cake, any kind
D-Day of Choice? Any day I get to sleep in til 8am
E-Essential item? Shoes that make me look taller
F-Favorite color? Black, it makes me look skinnier
G-gummy bears or gummy worms? Neither they both hurt my teeth
H-hometown? P-Ttown
I-Indulgences? What are those?
J- January or July? January I love SNOW STORMS
K-Kids? 5, only 4 here, sometimes 4 tooo many though
L-Life is incomplete without? Softball and Volleyball (old ladies style)
M-Marriage date? August 24 1994
N-Number of siblings? 9 ADOPTED siblings
O-Oranges or apples? ORANGES
P-Phobias or fears? Losing another loved one
R- Reason to smile? My Kids and Hubby, I love em
S- Season? All of Em
T-tag 8 people- Teresa S, Michelle Fitz, Amanda E, and Joann if she ever gets a blog
U-Unknown Fact? I am the only biological child to my parents
V-Very Favorite store? I hate shopping
W- Worst habit? I am a swearhole
X- X-Ray or Ultrasound? Who thought of this question. My last ultrasounds sucked so I think I will choose and X-ray.
Y- Your favorite food? BAJIO
Z- Zodiac? What is a zodiac

I answered Letters N and U according to how I felt directly after Thursdays "Family' Game

Thursday, September 4, 2008

You can't always believe what you read (on Rileys Blog!)

Ok so before you read Ri-take advantage of me's blog I thought I better put my side of the story, better known as the truth out there. So it's a beautiful Thursday night in P-town and we are at the Baseball Park playing a otherwise friendly co-ed softball game when something awful happened to me. But before I tell you about the awful thing I thought I would mention two things, First, that in the first game of the night I parked the ball over the left fielders head not once but twice resulting in 2 triples and COUNTLESS RBI"S. Then the 2nd thing I want to mention is that I own all the bats that Riley will have available to him on our next Wednesday night game and I told him if he blogs about my unfortunate event then the Wrath (his Favorite) wasn't going to make it to the games on Wed. So back to the story, second game of the night and many countless mistakes have been made by my teammates none of which I ever blog about but I was on First and Mckell who plays an OK second base chucks the ball at me it is hardly catchable, but somehow I get my 1975 Regent mitt on it. The ball hits my mitt and the person that hit the ball knocks it out of my mitt and it somehow hits me right in the left eye!!!

This is the honest truth, don't believe what Ri-LIAR has written about me. None of it is true.