Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Gift!

This is a picture of my favorite gift I got for Christmas this year. I get a lb of See's Mint Truffles every year and I love them and you can see just how much in my BUTT about a week after Christmas.
This is what my box of Chocolates looks like 3 days after Christmas, not because I ate them all. You might want to take note of Rian's behind this year as she ate about 3/4 of the box in 3 days. Today I ate a truffle about 11 am and there was about15 left. I went back at 4:30 to get another one as my butt was feeling a little too skinny and this is what I found.

I looked over at Rian and I could see where all 15 of them went!!

How can you get mad at this face, the way I look at it is BETTER HER BUTT THAN MINE!!!


Christmas Eve was very eventful this year, we started out by going sled riding at Peteeneet!!

My Nephew MAXX!!

Kaleb took on SnowBoarding most of the day, but on this run he took the GIRLS TUBE!!
Notice Har Bar is MIA! She is way tooo cool to go sled riding. Here is Chey with her normal face!! WHINING!!

Then we ventured onto the CEMETERY where we lit candles for JAKE and ZEKE!! This is something that we do every Christmas Eve and it is a very emotional time for our Family. Jake has been gone for almost 3 years and it is as painful when we go visit his grave as the day of the Funeral. I don't know if it will ever be easy, but we have to go so that we can keep him in our hearts and so that our kids will know him.

This is a picture of his headstone, I miss him so much!!! I think of all the things I would say to him if I only could have one more conversation with him. I know I will one day get to say all of these words to him!
This is a picture of Zeke's headstone, for some reason it is not as painful to go to his grave as it is my brothers, perhaps because I believe I will get to hold him again!!

Then onto much Happier moments when the kids open their Christmas Eve Gifts.... PAJAMAS!

The Kids know what they are getting every Christmas Eve as it is a tradition in our house but they still love it!!

Rian got Minnie Mouse PJ's and she literally didn't take them off for 2 days!! Glad she liked them!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


What in the Crap is up with all the snow?? I feel like I am living in Alaska! The only difference is that we can't see Russia from our windows like Sarah Palin!!! Don't get me wrong I love the snow UNTIL Christmas, but I wish it would pace itself. It is seriously KILLING ME!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Master Craftsman

My Husband is a Master Craftsman, or maybe he is just cheap!

These pictures are of 2 planes one is white and foam and the other is yellow and plastic. This whole story started when he bought an airplane to fly outside and he crashed it pretty much the first time he flew it. So he gathered all the pieces and put them in the garage.

I think most people would have thrown the broken plane away, but no, not Jason he is way too clever and handy for that. So one day he bought a new plane, one that might be a little more forgiving when it crashed.

And this is what he did. He took the little engine and propellers and wedged out a perfect space in his new plane for the old planes parts and DUCT TAPED them on to the foam plane. This is what Jason looks like when he knows that I am taking pictures of him and that he will be the subject of my new blog post.
And this is the finished project! He went out to fly it and it crashed on the first try!!! But I am sure the next time he puts the parts on a new plane it'll all work out just fine for him!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to JoAnn!

CHILI"S and Festival of the Trees, what more can a group of Friends ask for??

Vanessa, Amanda, JoAnn and I got together last night to celebrate JoAnn's Birthday, it was a little late but still a lot of fun! We headed up to the LAKE and hit JoAnn's favorite restaurant CHILI'S. Dinner was good but the real treat was Vanessa hooking our waiter up with her sister in law. Warning: if you are single and Vanessa knows it you could have an arranged marriage without you even meeting your future spouse!! So hopefully he isn't a serial Killer! Then we headed over to the Festival of the Trees. This was a little overwhelming there was a bizillion trees to look at. We saw Samuel McClusky's tree and it was very touching. This kind of makes me sad to see all of the loved ones that families and friends have done trees in their remembrance. It makes me think of Jake and my little Zeke. But there were some pretty cool trees. The highlight of the evening was watching people, how they acted and most of all what they thought was appropriate to leave the house in. I could NOT believe how some of them were dressed. HORRENDOUS, I tell you! Any ways Happy (LATE) Birthday JoAnn!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Girls do the Elf Dance

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Disney World 2008


It seems like I take my kids to Disney World every year. But there is one guarantee: They won't be going next year!! My kids are pretty good kids overall but when you go on vacation with the Kunzler Clan my kids look like complete TERRORS!! We went to Mickey's Magical Christmas party and it was really fun, it did rain on us alot but we still had fun! Cinderellas Castle was amazing!We waited in line for about 45 minutes so Rian could see her idols Mickey and Minnie and this is how she greeted them!!

The Kunzlers gave them a warmer greeting though!
We went to Sea World the first day we were in Florida and my kids had a lot of fun! This is JoAnn waiting to get Splashed by Shamu!
Our hotel was amazing we had an indoor pool and the kids swam all day if we weren't at a park!
Rian and Har Bar at the pool, Rian loves to swim she is a fish out of water!

Here is Kaleb on the Plane, he loves to take pictures of himself. This was the only picture I had of him on the Vacation. I suck at picture taking!!! All in all we had alot of fun, Next time I hit Disney World it'll probably be minus 4 children though!!!