Monday, April 20, 2009

Month from you know where!!

So it all started with the split of our ward, not only am I NOT in alot of my friends ward anymore, My husband is in the Bishopric. Now don't get me wrong,I don't hate that he is in the bishopric for any reason other than I HAVE NOOOOO HELP during Sacrament meeting. With my SWEET Rian. It is truly a challenge to take care of a 2 year old that has hardly heard the word no EVER!!

To make matters worse I think that I have had STREP 3 times in the last month, and now my baby has it and she had to have the dreaded Penicillin shot today. That's what I get for Self Medicating myself. HUH JOANN!!!

Poor thing, no shot is worse than the penicillin shot, it is so thick, it looks like ELMERS GLUE and has the consistency of it too!

I may never get better, but if I do I will be redoing my Kitchen Cabinets and Heading to the GRANITE countertop store!!! That ought to make me feel better!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BEES---or Flies

Today I was trying to enjoy a nice long shower, because Kaleb played Hookie and stayed home from school to help me with Rian. And about 5 minutes into my shower Kaleb comes banging on the door. In the background I can hear Rian screaming BLOODY MURDER! So I turn off the shower and ask him what the matter was, and he tells me that Rian thinks she is going to get hurt, from the BEE in the house.

He at this point is laughing and so I get out to see what the matter is. So I go to console her and she is freaking out, screaming that the bee is going to hurt her. And as the FLY or BEE as she calls it flies near her she starts screaming LOUDER and LOUDER. After I got my composure from Laughing I tried to explain to her that it was not a bee, but a fly, and that it wouldn't hurt her. She finally calmed down.
I guess she has been watching a little too much of POOH!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


BLAAHHH!!! That is how I feel about life right now.

You can 't turn on the TV without hearing about how many jobs are being lost. So many people I know have lost their jobs lately. And I feel so bad for them and their families. I feel really fortunate that we haven't, and I am hoping that things start to look up soon for those who have.

I am in a serious RUT with Bloggin. I have 25 other things to do each day and blogging has fell all the way to the bottom of my priorities!! Have you ever sat down to your computer feeling guilty for not doing a post earlier? I sit down and think I have NOTHING to blog about and then I think back as life has passed me by the last couple of weeks and realize I have about 100 things that I SHOULD have posted about. But oh well, life goes on.

One good thing coming up is EASTER!! YEA! I love Easter, it is a time that I can reflect on what really matters and why we are here on this earth. It makes me feel so much better to know that all we are going through in this world is for a purpose, and that no matter how bad things get there is always another day to pick up the pieces and start over tomorrow!!

So if you are struggling in life, lost your job, or someone you are close to is sick, this one is for you!!!