Saturday, February 28, 2009

The birthday to remember!!

We are PROFESSIONAL concert goers now!! When is the next one????

MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice were in town yesterday, I don't know if you all heard that they would be. But we stopped in to say hello to them and they were happy to see us!!! As I was PRIMPING to get ready, I decided that it was time to go all the way back to the 80's. And by that I meant pulling out all of the stops and putting some earrings in my second holes, which has not been done for a decade or two, depending on how old you believe that I am.

After alot of pain and a little swearing I got them in. And they looked great, getting one of them out was a totally different story!!!! Can you say INFECTION???

Vanessa's 80's glasses were very hip and Judy had these humongous pink hoop earrings on but she couldn't turn her head so she took a break from them!!!

So we all squished in the Tahoe and headed out for an adventure of a life time!! Judy was thrilled to be with us, I just don't think that she expected to have her life flash before her eyes as Vanessa threatened to kill some "PUNK A" teenagers on the way to eat!! It was very interesting and hilarious. Don't mess with Vanessa!!!
We hit PF CHANGS before the concert and it was delicious!!
Vanessa flashing her GANG SIGNS, just a little of what she dished out to those dumb kids!! Jodi just sat back and watched everyone most of the night. I think she thought we were a little weird!!
JoAnn pegged her pants, they were so happening!
Kelli and Jessica, my friends from high school, we graduated a year or so ago!Amy and I. Amy's side ponytail was a huge hit!!

Here is Amanda, Vanessa and Jodi having some down time during an intermission. I don't know about all of you but my arms and my legs are so sore today. I must be way out of shape if I can't hack doing the 2 legit and all the other hand moves to the songs.

Then we headed on to the concert where we saw some pretty, should we say, COLORFUL people. These teenagers made the 80's look like some sort of circus. I never dressed as wild as most of them, but it was funny to see them, and make fun of them!! Most all of them were WAY younger than us. The college students and younger crowd were all dumb enough to get GA tickets while us more SEASONED concert goers picked Seats!!! We are no DUMMIES!!!!
Lots of Hammer pants and this kid shaved steps into his hair!

Here is a little video of the LEGENDARY Hammer and Ice together on stage. They made history yesterday and I am only sorry that you were not all there to see it!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Remember This......

I am getting really excited for tomorrow, and my sister sent me this link from "In Living Color" from the 90's. I hope Vanilla Ice does better than Jim Carrey!!! Can't wait for tomorrow, I got all my 80's gear ready! Click HERE to watch an imitation of MC Hammer that is Hilarious!!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Some of us just celebrate our birthdays for a day and some don't celebrate them at all, but I celebrate mine for at LEAST a week. Some years I have tried to pull of a whole month, but I am really busy this year so 5 days is going to have to do!! I have BIG plans for the week, starting off with hunting for my 80's outfit for the concert, and I think I will buy myself a little extra stuff too!!

I will try my best to do a complete documentary of our night out so all of you who are making fun of us can see what fun you missed out on!!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kaleb is 12!!

Kaleb turned 12 on February 16th, and he is such a character. When I was trying to decide which pictures to put on the post I thought of this past Christmas when my family went up to Temple Square and we were waiting for the lights to come on and everyone wanted pictures of their families. So everytime I took a picture of someone Kaleb's head would pop up in the picture.

Here is Amanda and her cute family, and just as I get ready to snap the picture what do you know Kaleb appears.

Then I thought I would take a picture of my Dad, and there he is again!!

Some days it is really hard to get mad at him because we are so close, but one thing is true about Kaleb, there is never a dull moment!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Party!

Ever since I could remember my Mom has done a wonderful dinner for the kids on Valentines Day. It was always about us and not them as a kid. Now that we are all grown and married we have been replaced for this tradition by the GRANDKIDS!!! Now it is all about them. And just like me, my kids wouldn't miss this PARTY or any of my Moms Parties for ANYTHING!!!
Rian loved seeing her cousins and she especially loved the present that Grandma gave her. My mom spoils her grandkids ROTTEN!!
Chey got a perm today and we didn't get to style it, but notice the beautiful football tattoo that she put on her forehead! LOVE IT!!! She knows just how to dress for the Party!!

Addi found this Beautiful Ensemble for the Party. I don't know if she noticed but she was a LITTLE OVERDRESSED for the occasion!!!

And the night would not have been complete without showing all of us OLD bloggers what is "IN STYLE". Yes Har Bar being the fashion DIVA that she (thinks) she is showed us what the newest in Eye make up is!! I don't care if that is in style, to me it looks like she is bleeding from all DUCTS of her EYES!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

5th ROW BABY!!!!

Yep I got Em'!!

I got the tickets to see HAMMER and Vanilla. It is official they will be in the mail tomorrow. I was so stressed out all morning wanting to make sure that I got the best tickets possible to the concert. When I logged on to purchase them the computer would only let me buy 8 at a time, which meant that we would not all be sitting together, so I called in and told the lady that I needed 14 of her best seated tickets and that it was for my Birthday. So she got us 5th ROW!! I was so excited. The only thing I am worried about is that I told all of my friends that it probably started at 7pm and that we should be home by 10, but that isn't going to happen. You see the concert doesn't even start until 9!! Hammer has to be like 50 now, how can he do that? For the last 2 months I am lucky to be awake after 8.

I might have to drink a ROCK STAR...

so I will be able to stay awake through the whole concert. Because we probably will be getting home around

AM that is!!!

Get ready for a wild night because NO MEN ALLOWED. This should prove to be my most memorable birthday party ever!!!

Most of all I am hoping that ROB (Vanilla) will be wearing something like this:And second of all I am hoping that Hammer even though he is probably a Grandpa now can still move like THIS.

So Ladies get on EBAY and start looking for your Hammer pants because I am sure that none of our old ones will still fit us!

And PLEASE HAMMER DON'T HURT US. Because we will be so close to you that you will probably be able to touch us.