Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PDA at 13!?!?!?

Ok so I know I have totally sucked at updating my blog, I am still BOOB!! (Burned Out On Blogging) But this week has totally been blog worthy. I don't know if you guys remember my DEAR SWEET TEEN HARLEY, but she is a gem! And this post is dedicated to her.

Har bar has decided that she is hot and needs to have man affection in her life. And not just any man, but our NEIGHBOR!!! One thing that she might have wanted to think about was that everytime she breaks his heart, she has to see him at church, passing the sacrament to her.

But now with her pink hair that so wasn't cool last year but is totally SICK this year she is ALL GROWN UP! And she thinks that she is old enough to date. So yesterday her BF called and wanted to hang out. So she asked me and I am thinking to myself, if I don't let her she will sneak around. So I like her "Friend" (that's what I will call him) so I said sure he can come over. So they put on a

ROMANTIC COMEDY called 50 first dates and sit down on the couch. RIGHT NEXT TO EACHOTHER. So I am thinking to myself, they are sitting awfully close to eachother. And as I slave away at another load of Laundry, I walk by and notice that they are doing this.....


Where have I gone wrong, that my 13, yes 13 year old, thinks that I am HIP enough to see her and her BF displaying large amounts of PDA right in front of me? OH it gets worse....... then Chey and Rian wanted a snowy so I am contemplating on how I am going to pull this off with out leaving them alone. So I load all of them up, even the 2 love birds and we head down to the snow shack. And I sit in the car with Rian as she has fallen asleep. I look over at Harley and her BF and he has his STINKIN arm around her WAIST!!!
This is what I think of them as..... LITTLE KIDS... doing big people stuff!!!

Needless to say I need some advice on how NOT TO KILL HER! The best part of the whole situation is that KALEB is totally into girls and has them calling him everyday, one even brought him cookies when he broke his toe. But he watches his big sis, and repeatedly tells me "Whatever Harley does I am so gonna do when I am her age." So I woke her up this morning and told her that I am not OK with their PDA, Heaven only knows what I am in for when she is 16, and actually old enough to date.

Jason has the best outlook on the whole situation, I told him what I saw and that I was freaking out, and this was his response....." when she gets pregnant they aren't living with us!!!" NICE!!!!